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Kansas City Fire Station #19

Kansas City Fire Station #19

Kansas City, Missouri


A sustainable fire station that supports emergency response speed and comfort of personnel


The completed two-story, 18,000 square foot facility is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification for sustainability. It encompasses the important elements of fire station design: quickness of response, separation and privacy of its users, functional relationships, and reduced maintenance through use of durable materials. Direct routes of access are available from the heavy use areas of the living quarters, kitchen, and dining and weight rooms to keep the fire fighter in close contact with the apparatus bays at all times. Separation and privacy for fire fighters is accomplished by individual sleeping arrangements and individual toilets/showers. Windows into the living quarters provide ample natural light and ventilation while minimizing the views into the station. The project was designed and completed under a Design/Build format with JE Dunn Construction.


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