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St. James Church

St. James Church

Liberty, Missouri


The Saint James Catholic church beckons to its Parish and broader community as it glows warmly from within


The St. James Church rises from the high-point of its site in Liberty, Missouri, its cross visible from miles in the distance. The church’s interior, visible through the many windows and skylights, beckons as it glows warmly in the late hours of the evening. Inside, guests are bathed in filtered daylight from overhead skylights as they gather in the vaulted Narthex. A small Chapel to the side offers respite in a serene palette of white oak, marble, and soft white. Through the Narthex’s double-height interior glazing lies the Nave, an expansive, 1,200-person worship space topped by a delicate lattice of glulam trusses and solid wood decking. Fourteen-foot-tall stained-glass windows glow blue and green in the easterly morning sun and a thirty-four-foot-tall hand-painted mural of the Transfiguration of Christ presides over the Sanctuary. Furniture and accents of white oak and marble present a natural touch, grounding visitors in this most sacred space. A Parish Hall below the Narthex provides a large gathering space with kitchen in addition to meeting/classroom spaces.