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SFS Architecture Turns 50

Over the years, SFS Architecture has celebrated a lot of firsts: first contract, first built project, first office. But this February we celebrate a truly historic milestone, our first (and

Catalysts Shaping the Post-Pandemic Workplace

While vaccinations for COVID-19 are now rolling out amidst the persistent pandemic, we are beginning to hear hopeful conversations and see more reports about a “return to normal.” While this is

Returning with Purpose

As we begin to venture out from our bubble to our offices, businesses and public spaces, we do so with a mix of emotions and a fair amount of trepidation. We

18th and Broadway Food Pantry Garden

This year, SFS participated in the 18th and Broadway Food Pantry Garden. The goal of this project is to educate and inspire visitors on the use of the space and

Black Lives Matter

Our Firm Believes in Diversity and Inclusion As our nation, our communities and our practice grapple through protests and dialogue about the inequities, violence and social injustices that black people and