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Our Process

Successful projects begin with strong relationships. We engage our clients in a collaborative dialogue throughout the process. We exchange ideas, share expertise and – above all – we listen. Through open, candid communication, we gain consensus and create truly successful design.


We use state-of-the-art technology to communicate, collaborate and execute. Throughout the design process, we develop a variety of tools that help to visually communicate design concepts, including 3D models, site plans, floor plans, renderings, fly-through videos and virtual reality models, among others.



Understand Our Client’s Why


Our process begins with understanding the driving force behind the project – our client.  Their purpose, vision, and mission. Their aspirations for their future, the things that worry them, their goals for the project. We engage with project stakeholders to collect, analyze, and synthesize space needs, programming data, and other pertinent data that would influence design. This provides the context for our work and the foundation for design.



Explore Possibilities


You could say innovation first happens at the 30,000 foot level – when we collaborate with the client and our project partners to develop an overarching concept that guides the design of the site, the building, the interior environment and building systems.  Using information provided at the onset of the project and gathered during programming and the various analyses conducted, we explore possibilities for the best solution for the project. A variety of options are explored with the client.  We believe there are many options for every situation. There are often multiple solutions that are acceptable; rarely is there only one.



Land Where it Makes Sense


After exploring possibilities and prioritizing solutions, the result is a concept direction built on consensus. The concept responds to client goals for function, quality, sustainability, budget and schedule—it is specific and unique to the client, the site and program. Research, lessons learned and the use of new or improved materials, systems and construction technologies guide us in our continual quest to design and build better buildings and environments for our clients.



Stick the Landing


Innovation and sound solutions are realized when we execute the design in the details and in the field. Our design collaboration, technical acumen, quality control process and execution of construction detail drawings all come together to create a solid deliverable for the client, ensuring all goals established during concept design are recognized. This continues during construction as we work with the client and contractor to make certain the final product achieves the client’s vision for the project.



Community Engagement


As architects, we have the responsibility to use our position to ensure divergent voices in the community are heard and expressed throughout the design process. A hallmark of our process is to actively engage, listen, collaborate, and build trust within the community. We are Driven by Connections and take pride in being adept at engaging the stakeholders and the public, allowing everyone the opportunity to be authors in their community’s story.


Using a variety of successful methods, we get a broad range of project stakeholders and community members involved in the project early on. Together, we build consensus around a vision for the project, explore options for achieving that vision, and work together to realize that vision. The result is a project that everyone understands, empathizes with, and is excited for.