SFS Architecture Turns 50

Over the years, SFS Architecture has celebrated a lot of firsts: first contract, first built project, first office. But this February we celebrate a truly historic milestone, our first (and only) 50th anniversary.

While our current designers have mostly traded the papers, pens and T-squares so crucial to our founder’s work for computer keyboards, mice and monitors, our task remains the same: to plan, design and oversee the construction of buildings that enrich communities through meaningful collaboration and purposeful design. Community is a word that you’ll see repeated throughout our history: we live and play in the same communities in which we work. And our work isn’t just work. It’s our way of stimulating community growth through new construction and renovation projects in our neighborhoods, our cities and our states.

This week we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary with the firm’s first monograph, a visual history of select projects designed to inspire those who use them and enrich the communities around them.

Here’s to 50 more.