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Kansas City Fire Station No. 23

Kansas City Fire Station No. 23

Kansas City, Missouri


Fire Station No. 23 was originally constructed in the mid 1970’s under an eight hour shift work schedule. No sleeping accommodations were provided and living quarters were reduced to a kitchen, dining/dayroom and shower/locker/toilet facilities. SFS provided full architectural services for the complete renovation of the station.


Eight individual sleeping cubicles were added along with four individual shower/toilets to provide separation and privacy for the fire fighters. As a Battalion Chief Station, the facility required three bays which allowed the existing fourth bay to be converted to living quarters for dining, dayroom and exercise. Three captains, one battalion chief office/living arrangements were also added bringing the occupancy of the station to 12.


Required additions brought to the station to 16,042 sq. ft. which included an extensive training facility with full A/V capabilities and a new emergency generator. A complete new central heating and cooling plant was incorporated to provide multiple zone control and efficiency. Materials and finishes were selected to provide durability and low maintenance.


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