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Wayside Waifs

Wayside Waifs

Kansas City, Missouri


Expansion of the Wayside Waifs campus to include a new Humane Education and Training Center, Canine Behavior Center, and additional animal care spaces.


New and renovated facilities on the 80-acre Wayside Waifs campus were designed to support the organization’s mission of “preparing pets and people for the bond of their lives.” The new 8,800 Humane Education and Training Center includes a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for educating the public about responsible pet care, in addition to providing workspace to support the mission of the organization.  The new 8,000 square foot Canine Behavior Center, the second of its kind in the United States, provides kennels for 21 canines, indoor training room, “real-life” rooms, staff service/data entry/enrichment/nutrition areas, veterinary exam room, grooming, staff classroom/training space, break room/kitchenette, and support spaces.  Parking and other site improvements were also included to further enhance the overall experience for animals, people and staff.