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Kansas City Detention Center Planning Study

Kansas City Detention Center Planning Study

Kansas City, Missouri


Study to develop appropriate solutions for housing municipal arrestees and inmates


As the number of incarcerations increase, the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s detention center is unable to keep pace with the demand. Consequently, the City is incurring costs associated with transporting arrestees and inmates to other facilities throughout the region to be housed. This study aimed to better understand the dynamics impacting the number of incarcerated, identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce the number of incarcerated and evaluate options for modernizing or replacing the existing detention center. The team developed population profiles, average daily population trends, bookings and average length of stay, and jail population forecasts to inform the study. In addition, the team, evaluated sentencing practices that impact detention needs; analyzed programs offered for mental and behavioral health; and considered potential consolidation of support services.  The wellbeing of staff, arrestees and inmates was at the forefront of all planning and design decisions.