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UMB 928 Grand/Scout Investment Advisors HQ Renovation

UMB 928 Grand/Scout Investment Advisors HQ Renovation

Kansas City, Missouri


SFS  provided planning, architectural and interior design services for a series of projects aimed at modernizing UMB’s historic 928 Grand office building. One project involved the renovation of four floors to create the corporate headquarters for UMB’s Scout Investment Advisors.


A clean, tailored design aesthetic creates a carefully choreographed dance between historic and contemporary. The historic core was restored and preserved. Solid walls concealing the historic stair were replaced with glass, creating a strong vertical connection and encouraging collaboration between occupants on different floors. An overhead ribbon unifies the space, reinforcing the circulation path. Functionally, it houses mechanical, plumbing and lighting systems. Indirect lighting of the ceiling plane works with the ribbon to maximize the perception of vertical height. Private offices on the perimeter have glazed fronts, providing acoustical privacy while maximizing penetration of natural light.


Planes fold down to define and shelter activity zones throughout. Indirect lighting fills voids carved out of the ribbon and planes, supplementing natural light at the core. Private offices with glazed doors and fronts allow complete visual access among employees while maintaining an audible privacy level for review of confidential information. Six functionally located conferencing spaces, varied in size and audio visual requirements, provide each Scout team the flexibility they need to conduct meetings within close proximity of their own area. Shared break and copy spaces below lowered light canopies define the area along the circulatory route as places for casual interaction among employees and guests. These canopies fold down to form an L-shape that creates an art gallery space on its vertical leg and a sound buffer between the office setting and the break functions. Gaps between the L-shaped canopies provide natural light penetration through the office spaces into the core.


National Illuminating Engineering Society Illumination Award of Merit

Illumination Engineering Society – KC Chapter Illumie Award