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Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Leavenworth, Kansas


Renovation of interior appearance, acoustical quality and functionality of the worship space supports the sacred rituals of the Catholic Church


The original Belgian red marble altar and tabernacle shelf were left in place while the rest of the sanctuary floor was raised to the level of the altar. A new ambo, presider’s and deacon’s chairs were designed utilizing the same red marble of the altar to give a sense of unity to all sanctuary furnishings. A new stone wall matching the stone of the exterior of the church was placed at the back of the sanctuary to frame the tabernacle niche and for locating a new 14-foot tall crucifix. A newly designed skylight was installed over the sanctuary highlighting the stone wall and leading one’s eye to the altar and tabernacle. Inspired Artisans of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, implemented the design of the crucifix and new Stations of the Cross. New pews featuring the Carmelite shield were crafted in New Holland, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Dutch country). The Mary Chapel, which is used for Eucharistic Adoration, was screened from view of the main body of the church, with a new reconciliation room and shrine area dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. New acoustical glazing was installed behind the seating in the choir loft to acoustically isolate the narthex from the nave while maintaining the open feeling between the two areas.

SFS also designed a new elevator and glass-enclosed corridor off the main lobby to provide handicapped accessibility to the lower-level Parish Hall. Restored windows of the evangelists, St. John and St. Mark, from the Old Cathedral (1868-1961), were installed in two of the corridor windows.