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Johnson County Courthouse Planning Study

Johnson County Courthouse Planning Study

Olathe, Kansas


Study to determine optimum solution for meeting long-term space needs of Johnson County’s court system


Over the course of a decade, several planning studies were completed to determine the space needs of Johnson County’s court system and to evaluate various options for meeting those needs. This study examined previous recommendations and determined a new program of need. This updated program was then tested on two sites adjacent to the existing courthouse with different configurations and various amounts of new construction versus renovation of the existing facility. The analysis tested the number of courtrooms that could be placed on each site with a goal of evaluating a new 140,000 gross square foot, 12-courtroom facility and retaining a portion of the existing courthouse against developing a new 28-courtroom facility comprising all program needs in a 250,000 gross square foot structure. The ability to integrate and include secured and separate access for inmates, staff and the public, as well wayfinding and ADA compliancy were key considerations. Based on study findings, the Board of County Commissioners opted for construction of a new 28-courtroom complex. This study resulted in the successful passage of a referendum to increase the county’s retail sales tax to fund the project.


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