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Grandview Parks and Public Works Maintenance Facility

Grandview Parks and Public Works Maintenance Facility

Grandview, Missouri


Durable, functional civic building, constructed without service disruption


The City of Grandview’s existing public works facility was renovated and expanded to accommodate the consolidation of the City’s Public Works and Parks maintenance functions onto one campus. The modernized campus comprises a new Administration and Education Building, a new Shops Building, a new Vehicle Maintenance Building and a renovated Vehicle Storage Building. Pre-engineered buildings, selected for their economy and ease of erection, were used as a starting point for the design. Prying open their roofs allowed generous clerestory windows to flood daylight into all workspaces, reducing the need for artificial lighting and drastically improving the conditions for staff. By maximizing joint-use spaces, the buildings’ footprints were reduced to their most efficient size. A substantial galvanized steel and cypress screen shades the buildings along their south and west facades, reducing warm-season temperatures inside the unconditioned buildings as well as serving as a distinctive visual buffer between the otherwise industrial buildings on site and the adjacent residential neighborhoods. Designed to be long-lived and efficient, this facility represents the City’s goal of bringing beauty, functionality and sustainability to public architecture.