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First Federal Bank of Kansas City – State Line Banking Center

First Federal Bank of Kansas City – State Line Banking Center

Leawood, Kansas


Renovation of an outdated branch bank to create a customer-focused home loan closing center and retail banking outlet


The re-imagined FFBKC State Line Banking Center is now a beacon of financial health and wellbeing within the community. The 6,000 square foot retail center eschews traditional banking elements such as the teller desk and vault to create a vibrant environment for those closing on home loans or simply conducting other types of financial transactions at the bank. Visitors to the bank are welcomed by a new lounge with comfortable seating, a cafe and a literal “path to ownership” dubbed Wellbeingville. Along this path are digital displays and other exhibits to enlighten visitors on a variety of financial matters. At the end of the pathway is the home loan closing area featuring a lounge and home loan closing rooms – each with a custom table and large monitor for viewing loan documents digitally rather than hard copy. This area is marked by a hand-crafted wooden logo of the bank that, at night, is illuminated – serving as a beacon for the bank and a symbol of financial independence.