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Excelsior Springs Community Center Wins IIDA MADA Awards

The Excelsior Springs Community Center received two top honors in the 2017 International Interior Design Association Mid America Design Awards program. The project took home the Gold Award in the Civic + Government category, and was honored with the Best of City Center | Kansas City Award. The IIDA MADA Awards is a biennial event that recognizes excellence in interior design – innovation, functionality and implementation of overall design intent and brand – within the Kansas City and Wichita city centers.  The design of the Excelsior Springs Community Center is a direct response to the client’s mandate to make the facility like no other around. With that clear design directive in

mind, the building is meant to be a removal from typical aesthetics – clean, inviting, fun, and unique in character with an emphasis on nature and body. Materials were kept light in character and to a minimum. To emphasize a sense of identity, the use of super graphics were provided at select key areas in the center. Also, to hheighten the sense of wonder, color and its atypical approach take a front seat to the overall design initiative. These efforts, along with an abundance of natural light, a unique circulation system, and a dynamic sense of space exceed the client’s request and provide an environment that is surprising to all.