SFS Architecture


Our Process

Our design process embodies our philosophy, and embraces relationships as the thread that connects each stage:

CONNECT: Great ideas grow from strong relationships. We build this foundation through open dialogue – and open ears – with our clients and partners.
PARTI: The big idea or “parti” is the central essence – the heart – of each design. We are guided by this essential theme every step of the way.
DISCOVER: Each project must strike a balance between beauty and function. We gather cultural, perceptual, practical and other influencing data to identify fundamental goals.
SKETCH: To understand a design, it must be seen. We use 2-D and 3-D modeling tools to create images that allow our clients to visualize the intent, feel and space of the planned structure.
CONSENSUS: For success, stakeholders must feel a sense of ownership. We work with community, government and other key groups, listening, synthesizing and developing thoughtful solutions.
DELIVER: Our process drives outcome. We move projects forward, executing every detail through documentation and construction to achieve successful completion, on schedule and on budget.
OCCUPY: A building is only complete once it is inhabited. We know that people transform space, and a space can transform people, positively influencing productivity and quality of life.
RESULTS: Value is perceived in an instant and measured over time. We believe a well-executed building delivers value over its life cycle through efficiency, sustainability, and community impact.