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Olathe Fire Department Training Facility Study

Olathe Fire Department Training Facility Study

Olathe, Kansas


SFS Architecture conducted a study to define areas of needed training, the physical environment required for realistic training, and the cost to provide such a facility.

Based on the final Program Document, the facility will be broken into academic and physical tactical training. The physical training consists of live burn areas, prop/simulators and realistic training situations such as confined space, trench rescue, vehicle and building extraction as well as a blind maze. A tower will be constructed to simulate high angle rescue, ladder technique and aerial rescue along with roof chop out and dry stand pipe training. Apparatus driving training will be supported by various traffic situations as well as a skid pad course.

Academic training will consist of classroom areas of tiered, large and small settings for lecture venues. Special settings for EMS lab configurations and command simulation will be provided. Dirty classrooms will be constructed to allow direct access from an exterior training venue to an interior classroom setting without removal of bunker gear.

The facility will be supported with administration offices and resources centers, physical strength training and area for conference gatherings and registration. The study included site selection and cost evaluation for future implementation.


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