SFS Architecture

  • UMB Bank/Scout Investment Advisors Office Renovation

    Kansas City, MO

    Historic downtown building renovated to reflect modern corporate brand


    Renovate four floors of a historic downtown building to create a modern office space for UMB Bank/Scout Investment Advisors that honors the company’s (and building’s) past while supporting its current needs and future growth.


    The design team worked closely with UMB Bank, Scout Investments, and UMB Facilities to develop a design that visually conveys a consistent company identity and supports its progressive goals, while also honoring the building’s historical nature.


    The completed office space will feature a clean, tailored design aesthetic that respects the historic core and blends new materials into the existing palette. Private offices with glass fronts and sliding doors provide visual accessibility to the employees while maintaining privacy to review confidential information. Six conference spaces will provide flexibility to seamlessly host meetings, and open break areas allow for casual interaction among employees and guests and facilitate a sense of workplace interaction and community.

    Awards & Publications

    Illumie Award, Illumination Engineering Society - Kansas City Chapter
    Published, flourish! Magazine - March/April 2011
    “Dynamic Design”