SFS Architecture

  • Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse

    St. Louis, MO

    Courthouse renovation, tenant fit-out to enhance functionality and appearance


    Provide renovation and tenant fit-out for a federal courthouse exterior, select interior spaces and a judicial learning center to enhance functionality and appearance.


    The design team worked with GSA representatives to develop a design approach for the requested renovation and tenant fit-out projects as part of a U.S. Courts term contract.


    Renovation projects included complete cleaning and sealing of the exterior pre-cast concrete surfaces, soundproofing measures for existing chambers and Grand Jury room, replacement of the monumental stainless steel entry doors, and prisoner holding cell/sallyport improvements. Judge Gruender’s 23rd Floor chambers (2,740 SF) received tenant improvements designed to meet all requirements of the U.S. Courts Design Guide. In addition, SFS provided tenant fit-out for the Judicial Learning Center, a gathering space for visitors to learn about the judicial process of the U.S. Courts and 8th Circuit through permanent exhibits, changing displays and interactive demonstrations.