SFS Architecture

  • Holy Cross Catholic Church

    Overland Park, KS

    Interior renovation of church to enhance the worship experience.


    Transform a space characteristic of a large meeting room into a worship space that reflects the beauty of the Catholic Liturgy. Use natural light to animate the space and give focus to the room.


    SFS facilitated discussions with parishioners to solicit ideas and to understand their likes and dislikes about the existing space. SFS developed design concepts in response to parishioner input and continued to engage the parish in the refinement of the preferred concepts.


    To transform the existing worship space, SFS modified the ceiling by raising its center portion to step up to its highest point over the sanctuary and created space for a future etched glass image of the risen Christ above the new wood wall. Also, modified the perimeter ceiling drops to introduce full height glazing and to bring more natural light into the church.