SFS Architecture

  • Edward Zorinsky Federal Building Canopies

    Omaha, NE

    Design modifications to federal building exteriors to minimize ice/snow accumulation


    Review existing federal building sun shade design and create a new design solution for a building mounted canopy system to avoid snow and ice accumulation.


    SFS designers worked closely with GSA representatives in evaluating the existing sun shades, which were designed as part of a complete building renovation in 2007.


    The building’s existing aluminum sun shades system, though it successfully controlled sunlight, allowed winter snow and ice to accumulate on shades and window sills and then fall, inhibiting safe passage of pedestrians below. A sun study validation exercise led to a simple modification of the existing building mounted canopy system to minimize horizontal area for snow accumulation, while still providing the benefits of the original design. The building mounted canopy system mitigates the risk of falling ice and snow onto the sidewalk and into an outdoor courtyard where the building daycare facility was located.