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Todd Cowger

Todd Cowger

As an SFS architectural intern, Todd Cowger performs specific project design and development tasks, including drawings, calculations, and cost estimates. Despite his bold theoretical approach to sustainability (“do not use computers”), in practice, he uses all forms of electronic and personal communication to assist clients and collaborate with various disciplines to ensure that project documents are thoroughly coordinated. Todd brings more than 10 years of experience, a dry wit and a passion for music to his work with SFS.


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Kansas, 2000 Recoding & Representing Historic Structures Scholarship, 1999

Recent Projects

Robert A. Young Federal Building Seismic Improvements Design-Build Bridging Documents
SFS Architecture Studio
Robert J. Dole U.S. Courthouse
Christopher S. Bond U.S. Courthouse
GSA Region VI IDIQ Contracts - Courts
GSA Region VI IDIQ Contract - Specialized Design Services
GSA Region VI IDIQ Contracts - A-E Services
Building Engineering Assessments/Reports for Federal Properties
Alfred A. Arraj U.S. Courthouse BIM Model
Chanute Aquatic Center
Christ Lutheran Church - Phase IV
Davenport U.S. Courthouse
Missouri State Fairgrounds Coliseum Building Renovation
Missouri State Fairgrounds Womens Building Renovation
Missouri Veterans Home Facility Improvements
2306/2316 E. Bannister Federal Building Renovation Projects
2306/2312 E. Bannister Federal Building 3D Scan/BIM Model
2306/2312 E. Bannister Federal Building Master Plan