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Kelly Edinger Stindt

Kelly Edinger Stindt


For Kelly Edinger Stindt, Principal, the chance to work on church architecture projects was one of many reasons she joined SFS in 1998. Drawn to light as a design element, she enjoys the “amazing transformation” buildings undergo during renovation or restoration. Kelly’s 20+ years of experience includes diverse project types, project management, preparing building programs, interior space needs planning and schematic design. Her skill at executing design and construction documents that accurately and artistically address building user needs make her an asset on projects, and leave her frequently requesting new file cabinets. Outside of work, Kelly’s trademark passion and enthusiasm are reserved for her family, spending time with her daughters at gymnastics meets, on field trips – or in the car between activities.


Bachelor of Architecture, Kansas State University, 1994

Recent Projects

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School
Grandview Maintenance Facility
Christ Lutheran Church
GSA Region VI IDIQ Contracts - Courts
GSA Region VI IDIQ Contract - Specialized Design Services
GSA Region VI Workplace Studies and Mobility Test Bed
GSA Region VI Relocation to 2 Pershing Square
GSA Region VIII IDIQ Contract - A-E Services
ONRR Workplace
FEMA Region VIII Workplace Consolidation Study
National Park Service Program of Requirements/Workplace Consolidation Study
USDA Office of Inspector General Workplace
VA Denver Workplace
Blue Springs City Hall Renovation/Expansion
Bonner Springs Government Services Center Study
Fairway City Hall Renovation
St. Joseph Catholic Church (Topeka)
St. Elizabeth Catholic Parish Master Plan
St. Joseph Catholic Church (Shawnee)
St. Peter’s Catholic Church and School
St. Stephen Lutheran Church
St. James Catholic Church Master Plan